Our anaesthesia

For a relaxed and painless treatment

Due to modern anaesthesia pain during dental treatment and surgical intervention can be avoided to a great extent. Depending on the kind and amount of the intervention, we at Zahnklinik PODBI344 recommend the best kind of anaesthesia.

Especially frightened patients appreciate the variety of our anaesthesia variants.

General anaesthetic – more is impossible!

You sleep through the surgical intervention

In case of complicated interventions like extensive implantations or a bone build-up a general anaesthetic proves to be sensible. Particularly during treatments lasting several hours, this strongest kind of anaesthetic provides the required immobilisation and relaxation of our patients.

An experienced team of anaesthetists supervises the narcosis process. Our patients “sleep through” the surgical intervention – they are not even aware of it.

After awakening, they recover in our patients’ room and are usually able to leave the clinic the same day.

Local anaesthesia

Standard in dental treatment

This kind of anaesthesia is especially prevalent in general dentistry.

The drug will be injected cautiously into the skin or the mucomembranous and provides for a numbness and a far-reaching absence of pain in a local area after a short waiting period. The effect lasts between 30 minutes and several hours. A local anaesthesia is sufficiently dimensioned for smaller interventions as well as simple implantations.


Drugs used in support of local anaesthesia

In case you are numbered among those patients who feel uncomfortable prior to a dental treatment and suffer of an almost unsurmountable fear, special medicaments (sedatives) can help you. These have – a timely intake provided – a calming effect. However, we implicitly recommend an additional local anaesthesia. Following the treatment you must not operate a motor vehicle.

Nitrous oxide

For a good feeling

Nitrous oxide is pain-relieving and, being a light anaesthetic, is well suited for minor surgical interventions. It has hardly any harmful secondary effects and can be controlled easily.

The narcotic gas will be inhaled via a respiratory mask. In contradiction to general anaesthetic you stay responsive and breathe independently.

We at Zahnklinik PODBI344 are equipped with state-of-the-art nitrous oxide technique as well as the corresponding qualification of our physicians.


For deep- or twilight sleep

Next to the general anaesthetic the analgosedation is the second strongest kind of anaesthesia. Special medicaments will be passed into the circulatory system via a vein which bring off a sleep-like condition. The treatment proceeds without the patient noticing anything.

However, you breathe independently. This circumstance accompanied by the swallowing reflex during the treatment results in the effect that the analgosedation is less suitable at extended interventions. The analgosedation will be carried out by an anaesthesiologist.

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