Sven Schwenke de Wall

General dentistry and specialist for implantology

Your well-being and your contentment are in the heart of the matter. People who love their profession are capable of peak performances – therefore, Sven Schwenke de Wall is the best choice!

Dentistry is a matter of the heart for him who keeps it up in the third generation now. The patient is always in the center of his activities and his stress-free treatment concepts are customised for patients of every age.

No one likes going to the dentist but in order to gain life quality for patients it is important to have each single day in mind.

Sven Schwenke de Wall would like to get to know you personally in order to draw up a suitable treatment concept.

Vita von Sven Schwenke de Wall

  • 2016Partner in the dental clinic PODBI 344
  • 2015Training for sedation with nitrous oxide
  • 2015Obtaining the specialist for dental volume tomography
  • 2012Licence to practice dental medicine
  • 2011Advanced training Splint therapy (Michigan splint)
  • 2011Advanced training paediatrics (paedodontology) for dentists
  • 2005 bis 2012Study of dental medicine at the Medizinische Hochschule Hannover

Activity emphasis Sven Schwenke de Wall

  • Implantology
  • Nonoperative dentistry
  • Therapy of functional disorders (CMD)
  • Holistic biological dentistry
  • Mouth odour diagnostics


  • Member of DGI (German Society for Implantology)
  • Member of DGZMK (German Society for dentistry, oral medicine and orthodontics)
  • Member of GZM (International Society for holistic dentistry)
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