Dr. Gerald Schillig

General dentistry and specialist for implantology

What actually combines dentistry with flying?

First of all, it´s the precision which Dr. Gerald Schillig looks at as being irremissible for both professions. Each flight presents itself as a new challenge for the pilot. That is comparable with a patient´s expectation towards a therapy individually geared to his needs.

If nothing else for Dr. Schillig, it is the neverending enthusiasm for the one thing and the other. The realisation and the acceptance that learning is possible and necessary here and there for a lifetime. The permanent willingness to have an open mind for new developments despite the daily routine. Finally the strong will to end a flight successfully with a perfect touchdown – in a metaphorical sense: to complete the treatment with the patient smiling.

Vita Dr. Gerald Schillig

  • 2011Exam Natural Health Professional
  • 2010Master of implantology UCLA (Universität Los Angeles)
  • 2009Aquirement of technical knowledge for dental digital volume tomography
  • 2009Qualification for laughing gas sedation
  • 2007Start and since regular advanced training in aesthetic facial treatment
  • 2005Medical directorship of Zahnklinik PODBI344
  • 2002 Qualification professional pilot
  • 2001Reviewer of the association for medical professions
  • 2000Certification activity emphasis implantology BDIZ EDI
  • 1998Consultant for advanced education for dental implantology
  • 1993Founding of dental practice in Hannover
  • 1987Doctorate Dr. med. dent.
  • 1985Licence to practise dental medicine

Activity emphasis Dr. Gerald Schillig

  • Dental treatment at difficult starting situations with or without implantations
  • Extensive reconstruction of the jaw bone
  • Firmly fitting dentures even with complete adontia (absence of teeth)
  • Metal-free all-ceramic dentures on teeth and implants
  • Treatment and correaction of priodontal deseases
  • Therapy of dysfunktion of the dentition system (CMD)
  • Optimisation of the appearance in the tooth area and the face


  • Member of BDIZ EDI (European Association of Dental Implantologists)
  • Member of DGI (German Society for Implantology)
  • Member of DGParo (German Society for Parodontology)
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