What you pay for

We´d like our patients to know beforehand what they are in for!

The costs for an implantation consist of a number of factors. Besides necessary measures at the jaw bone, the so-called jaw bone buildup, the materials used and the applied surgical method set the financial expense. Costs for the potential demand for the team of anaesthists are to be added.

Taking a short-term view usually makes an implantation the most cost-intensive kind of dental treatment. However, in medium to long-term aspects, costs are relative, not to mention that an implantation represents an obvious gain in health and quality of living. An implantation with a high claim to quality can never be cheap. On the other hand, an implantation gets extremely expensive if a bad success requires a new treatment. Therefore, only premium materials should be used. Especially complicated interventions should be reserved for the expert.

Since every patient brings along individual preconditions, a global cost estimation via telephone or email without an examination and an evaluation of an X-ray image cannot be serious. According to our medical principles a cost estimate can only be made following detailed dental findings and the discussion about the intended goal of treatment. On this basis we build a precise treatment plan including a detailed cost scheme.


We wish that as many of our patients as possible are able to afford the treatment which they wish for.

Therefore we have agreed upon a cooperation with medkred.de company. Medkred has specialised on financing medical services and offers deferred payment to our patients at comparatively generous interest terms. You can get the required application documents at our house.

Your contact person concerning everything about financing is our office manager Edda Kreft.

Edda Kreft
Office manager

Telephone: +49 (0) 511 56 25 66
E-Mail: info@zahnklinik-podbi344.de

Statutorily insured?

We apply for your additional allowance!

Statutorily insured persons may use the option to choose a dental implantation instead of a conventional dental prothesis. We at Zahnklinik PODBI344 give you medical advice regardless of your insurance status – since the best therapy does not differentiate between statutory and private insurance. We offer an individual expert advice including all options and tell you the current price. On this basis, you will take a decision which variant matches your expectations.

A public health patient who decides in favour of a high-grade implant will be “served” and usually receives a so-called fixed allowance from the statutory health insurance. A prerequisite is the submission of a therapeutic and cost schedule at your health insurance which we draw up for you. The health insurance then tells you how high the allowance will be. So you know beforehand which costs await you. Before you choose your artificial teeth you should most certainly bear one thing in mind: Even if the implant is the most costly solution at first glance in most cases it is the most favourable alternative in the long run – and with the highest quality anyway.

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