Express service

Sometimes treatments don´t just have to be good - they have to be quick too.

Problems with teeth often emerge at times when you least expect them to and when they complicate your personal schedule the most. Business appointments may fall through and holiday trips be endangered.

Experience also tells us that especially frightful patients who have delayed treatment for a long time need an appointment just the very moment they have overcome their fears.

If you belong to this group of people please alert us to that fact on the phone. We do our utmost to take care of you as fast as possible and as personal as necessary.

Special VIP service

For patients with exceptional aspirations

Our dental clinic offers appointments at unusual hours if requested and accommodates many patients´ needs for individual and flexible support. This includes treatments in the evening hours, on weekends and on statutory holidays. This special service is first of all designed for business people and guests from abroad who have to rely on those hours due to their schedules.

We arrange a hotel stay for our patients who take long journeys to get here, a shuttle service to the airport or hotel and an overnight service of our indoor dental laboratory.

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