Digital X-ray

The future has just begun: More information with less radiation exposure!

High-performance X-ray technology helps us with the clinical diagnostics of hidden medical findings and with the planning of the best therapy for our patients. We are taking X-rays using state-of-the-art technology – digital and three-dimensional.

To keep radiation exposure as minimal as possible we use the low-radiation digital X-ray technology. In that process, the X-rays are not being projected on a film but on a storage phosphor to be processed further electronically. So we avoid environmentally hazardous X-ray chemicals.

Another benefit of this technique: By digitalising, the images are available at any time in any other place on-screen via data line – certainly with due regard to the medical confidentiality and the protection of privacy.

Three-dimensional X-ray by use of DVT

Imaging in the third dimension

Being a highly specialised institute, our Zahnklinik PODBI344 is equipped with a digital volume tomograph (DVT). The technology of this device makes it possible to take three-dimensional images of the jaw area.

Compared to computer tomography (CT), the radiation exposure of the volume tomography is explicitly lower without any deficit of the image quality. Therefore we are able to make more precise plans of the extent and the procedure of the intervention prior to surgical measures than with the conventional two-dimensional X-ray images.

The benefit for our patients is obvious: The length of the surgical intervention is cut down and the outcome is more precise.

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