Quality from our own dental laboratory

Dentistry meets masterful prosthetic dentistry

The close cooperation between the dentist and the dental technician is all the more important as the requirements for both of them become more specialized. Especially dentures used on implants require first-class quality as well as utmost precision.

In the in-house dental laboratory of Zahnklinik PODBI344, we have two experienced dental technicians, Jessica Diemann and Athanasios Giakos, standing by our side. They both learned their trade from the very basis and aim at perfecting their skills permanently. The usage of the best materials for each patient is as self-evident for them as the individual touch which characterises every single piece of their work. High-quality dental prothesis is a work of art and it needs an artist to make it.

Digitalised laboratory

Craftsmanship meets high technology

The digitalised data management has found its way into modern dental laboratories. The dental laboratory of our Zahnklinik PODBI 344 has been among the first to implement this development.

Precise three-dimensional scanners primarily make the virtual on-screen construction of the dental prothesis possible. Based on the digitalised data, subsequently the precise dental prothesis of highest quality will be used. Our dental technicians produce almost any requested dental prothesis based on high strength ceramic and hence free from metal – biocompatible, allergy-free and aesthetic.

Prosthetic dentistry in the surgery

An ideal combination for efficient procedures

“Solid tight teeth in the shortest time possible” – that´s what an increasing number of patients desire. One of the essential preconditions is the close cooperation between the dentist and the dental technician. By pooling the competences under one roof we meet our patients` requirements. Regardless of whether it´s about the replacement of a single anterior tooth or the reconstruction of the entire jawbone with the help of the All-on-4® Technik: Our dental technicians work closely together with our patients.

Together we stand for quality “Made in Germany”.

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