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Zahnklinik PODBI344

Einfach schöne feste Zähne!

A dental treatment is a matter of trust! In a health sector increasingly characterised by promises, it is getting more and more difficult for you as a patient to separate fact from fable.

Each member of our team at Zahnklinik PODBI344 is aware of his patients’ special demands.

You look for an individual treatment concept as well as an extraordinary attention – dental health with the “personal touch”. We only have one common goal: To achieve the best result for you – always!

So you can trust in our experience and competence!

Our philosophy

Dental implants Hanover

Solid beautiful teeth are an essential condition for your quality of life. Don´t be satisfied with ill-fitting and unnatural looking dental prosthesis.

You want a tight-fitting denture according to highest quality expectations? We´d like to provide you with professional advice at our dental clinic in Hanover. See the potential of modern implantology and trust in our expert knowledge!

Dental implants for firm teeth

Bone build-up Hanover

Dental implants even with bone loss

Regenerating lost jaw bones is the most demanding discipline in the field of implantology and periodontology. It is of utmost important to chose the adequate treatment concept and material as well as to have a good dentist´s experience.

Ideally, at the time of bone build-up there is still enough jaw bone “left” that an implantation can be conducted simultaneously. This decision will be taken after a special x-ray examination.

Bone build-up and regeneration

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